June J. Austin author of Sing Her Home

5x5Author InterviewToday I’m proud to introduce the first book by a new writer. June J. Austin is the author of Sing Her Home. I had the pleasure of interviewing June and asking her about her novel and the three-day eBook promotion that starts today.

Diane Tibert: What inspired you to write Sing Her Home?

June J. Austin: Sing Her Home started off as a question for me, I had asked myself one day-What would life be like if I was in a coma? Would I be aware of my surroundings even if I couldn’t open my eyes and communicate with others? Of course I went on to wonder if others had reported being aware of their surroundings while in a coma.

Diane Tibert: How did you come up with the title Sing Her Home?

June J. Austin: The title comes directly from the book. I will share that excerpt:

“What about Ruth?” I ask. “Will she live?”

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