Touring Northern Labrador by Sail

No, not me, but Ed O’Reilly. I won’t be there for a few years.

This morning, Ed posted a link to his latest video production on an online sailing group I’m connected with. While I enjoyed my tea, my eyes feasted on the scenery of Northern Labrador. That’s in Canada for those who are unfamiliar with our great country.

Here’s the description.

Of Places North 2021: An Introduction is the first in a series of videos that explores the isolated regions of Newfoundland and Labrador. These places are mainly accessible by boat. Solitude, spectacular scenery and emotional experiences make cruising coastal regions of this province memorable. I visit places in Notre Dame Bay, Northern Peninsula, and Southern Labrador.

Ed is a sailor, and you’ll see his ship in the video a few times. His ability to capture the landscape is fabulous. I knew there were a number of abandoned villages along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, but seeing them frozen in time touches the heart in an odd way. The cemeteries, lost and forgotten, create deep emotions with the past. Many have come and gone from these places. While life was harsh, no doubt it was simpler than the grind of modern day.

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New Facebook Page for Atlantic Canada Writers to Promote Events

During my book launch in June, I spoke with author Tim Covell about writing groups we were members of on Facebook and how we couldn’t cross promote author events. This got the gears in my brain turning and by the time I arrived home that day, I had a plan: make a site where events could be shared.

Coming Soon

Because Tim and I are in two Facebook groups that are unable to share news and events, I thought it might be better if I involved the creator of the second site, Peter Foote, to see if we couldn’t collaborate on this effort to benefit members in both groups.

Long story short: It’s done!

If you are a writer living in one of the four Atlantic Canada provinces, you are welcome to join and promote your events. These events may include book launches, book signings and readings, market events where you plan to sell your book, virtual book launches, short-term sales (my eBook is free for the next two days; grab it now!), con events where you’ll be a vendor or something similar to these.

To learn more or to become a member, go to Atlantic Canadian Author Events and sign up.