CBC NEWS: Owned and Controlled by Government

If you believe the following news report from government owned and controlled CBC, you’ll think only a dozen trucks left Enfield, Nova Scotia, yesterday morning, and only a few hundred people came out to send them off.

CBC NEWS: Concerns mount as protest convoy approaches Ottawa

These blatant lies need to be called out. A video I shared yesterday, showed more than a dozen trucks getting off the Newfoundland ferry at North Sydney and heading to Enfield: Freedom Convoy 2022 🚚 North Sydney, Nova Scotia. There was another ferry due to arrive with another load of truckers. These two ferry loads of truckers were joining other truckers in Enfield to head to Ottawa.

So either the reporter who covered the Truckers Convoy for Freedom at Enfield is as dumb as a stump and can’t count past his ten fingers, or he’s a lying pieces of shit.

You decide.

The dumber than a stump CBC propagandist who doesn’t know how to count is found in this video (Truckers Freedom Convoy Enfield, Nova Scotia Jan 27, 2022), shot by a local at Enfield the morning the trucks rolled out. You’ll see the lying fake journalist roadside at 1:36 of the video. The person points out “the state-run propaganda machine”.

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Canadian Parliament Conference on Suppressed Information from Doctors and Scientists

All Canadians need to watch this video from CPAC before it disappears. You won’t find it on the YouTube CPAC channel. I searched for it, but it wasn’t in the results. I scanned through the months of videos, and it wasn’t there. I found it on another YouTube channel, but it’s only there until the censors find it and remove it. Whenever it’s posted to Facebook, the devils within the company remove it.

Before you think these are just another bunch of crack pots, they’re not. It’s a member of parliament, an Ontario doctor and a scientist who specializes in vaccines. They cannot remain silent anymore. They know something is horribly wrong.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4n1EfDYE-A

One must ask the questions: Why is the Canadian government acting like it is? Why are doctors and scientists being bullied, shamed, threatened and censored? Whatever the answer is, it’s not good for the people of Canada.

Update: When YouTube removes the video, it’s available on BitChute: The Canadian Parliamentary Network by MP Derek Sloan.

Update: The video has been removed from YouTube. The link is now to a blank screen that tells visitors that a press conference given by the Canadian government “violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” Unbelievable.