Searching for Books on the LAC

Did you know that you can search for published books on the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) website? You can search for books published long ago and ones published today. You can even search for a list of books and/or authors published by a specific company.

For example, if you visit the LAC site and enter “Three Dogs Press” into the search engine, you will find the following books and authors published by this company.

  1. Stepping Out by Lila Hope-Simpson 2013 print
  2. Thin Glass Houses by M. M. Melvin 2013 print (Marci Lin Melvin)
  3. Thin Glass Houses by M. M. Melvin 2013 ePub (Marci Lin Melvin)

Clicking the link on the website for these titles takes you to further information about the book, including the ISBN, published format, publisher and many other things.

Getting the Numbers: ISBN & CIP

When an author is published in the traditional manner by a publisher separate from themselves, all the business part of a book is taken care of for them. This includes getting an ISBN and CIP.

When you’re a freelance novelist—one who self-publishes—you get to do all this yourself…for good or bad.


The acronym stands for International Standard Book Number. This number is exclusive to a book and book format. You’ll find this in the front matter (the pages between the front cover and the first word of the text) of a book, fiction or nonfiction. It’s a 13-digit number which can often appear on the back cover of a book as well.

Here’s what mine looks like for Shadows in the Stone, Book One…The Castle Keepers (bold text added to emphasise point below)

978-0-9868089-7-5     Shadows in the Stone – Electronic Kindle

978-0-9868089-8-2     Shadows in the Stone – Electronic Smashwords

978-0-9868089-6-8     Shadows in the Stone – Book (soft cover)

978-0-9868089-9-9     Shadows in the Stone – Book (hard cover)

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