My Maritime Homesteader Journal

2013 04 Cover for BlogAs many might know, I’m a garden fanatic. I’ve been gardening for decades, and my favourite job of all time was working at a large garden centre. If I ever get the chance to work in a place like that again or in a green house, I’ll skip all the way there.

I also enjoy history, genealogy, books, raising animals to generate my own food, baking, cooking, the outdoors and being self-sufficient.

With all these interests, there’s no surprise I need an outlet for it…so Maritime Homesteader Journal was born. The inspiration to create the mini magazine comes from the many searches I’ve done over the years to find information. Many times it was easy to find, but other times, it was like looking for that proverbial needle in the hay stack. Knowing hay like I do, I understand the comparison.

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