Merry Christmas

Christmas day is drawing near and like many years before this one, I still have many things to wrap. While I make the promise every year that my wrapping will be done before December 24th, I’ve reached this goal only once.

I’ll leave you with this Christmas wish that your days will be cheerful and bright, and they you will be surrounded by family and friends.

I’ll still be posting on my Diane McGyver site every day. It was a challenge I gave to myself at the beginning of the month: make one post a day for the entire month. So far, it’s been 23 days and 23 posts. Today’s will appear in a few hours.

I post recipes, memories of past Christmases, origins of Christmas, Yule and Winter Solstice, my moon research and similar things.

All I Want for Christmas

A wonderful feature about WordPress is you can schedule posts days and months ahead of time. Posts like this one. It’s Christmas day, and although I might check my email or Facebook to see what family members are up to, I don’t have to worry about my blog. It will take care of itself.

So don’t worry. I didn’t type this today. I typed it and posted it on Monday, long before the big day arrived.

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