The Proof Arrived at the Door

5x5Books HereI received a surprise today when the mailwoman showed up at my door with a package I hadn’t expected to arrive until tomorrow. The small box contained six books, all of which are in the proof stage. I thought I’d share them with you here.

The most difficult part of getting the books published is the colour tones on the cover. I’ve done enough interior designs to know exactly how to lay out a book the way I want, and I’ve created enough covers to get the layout correct the first time. However, the colour…well, that’s hit or miss.

You see, what you see on the computer screen isn’t exactly how the printing press at CreateSpace sees it. Often the printed version is darker. Now that I know this, I purposefully make covers lighter than I desire. However, the actual tone is difficult to reach without experimenting.

Books - All

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Introducing Miss Tuttle’s Lemon Tarts

Miss Tuttle's Lemon Tarts - Diane Lynn McGyverMiss Tuttle’s Lemon Tarts is a short story. It’s just over 6,600 words long. If it had taken me a few weeks to write or even a few months, it would seem only natural. Except it didn’t take me a few weeks or a few months or a few years. It took me about six years. That’s 1,100 words a year.

That’s slow writing.

But each journey starts with the first footfall, right? And each story begins with the first word.

Miss Tuttle and Rita began their journey over a sack of potatoes. It wasn’t Rita’s intentions to help or stick around afterwards, but she did.

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