Rant: Wrong Think – No Big Deal

I just returned from my local village and I am flabbergasted. Gobsmacked. Shocked. Society is truly collapsing into itself. However, there is hope.

I walked into a local shop and held the door for the elderly gentleman behind me. As I passed through, a man in his late 40s, early 50s brushed by me quickly. He was medium built, not skinny, was about 5 foot, 8 inches tall. His dark hair was short and he had the start of a receding hairline. He wore a dark jacket and baggy jeans. This was the out door, so I assumed he decided he didn’t want to buy anything.

When he passed, I heard an unusual sound. A jingling of sorts. Like Christmas bells. This caused me to take a second look at the man as he hurried out the door, across the cement boardwalk and onto the parking lot. That’s when I noticed his baggy pants were not so baggy in some areas. In fact, his awkward stride revealed impressions of iPad shaped objects. The more I stared, the more I saw his pants were stuffed with items he didn’t pay for.

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I am a ‘Was Girl’

I didn’t know I was a ‘was girl’ until a few days ago. A fellow writer and I had exchanged chapters of our fantasy novels and she told me I used was a lot. She said it created passive sentences. Passive sentences are not good.

I had never been told this before – or if I had been, I didn’t hear it – , so I was a little sceptical. I ran a search through the chapter I was editing. To my surprise, there were 78 was words. Eek! My next chapter which had half the number of words as the previous had 47 was words, and the next had 75! Sometimes I had four in one paragraph. This wasn’t good.

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