Author Interview: Payal Roy

Author InterviewThank you for taking my interview and giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts and words in your wonderful blog.

Name: Mme Payal Roy
Do you write with a pen name? If so, what is it?

I do not have a pen name. I write with my real name.

In which country were you born, and which one do you live now?

I was born in India, but presently live in France.

Which genres do you write in?

I write fictional short stories, fantasy, adventure-inspirational, motivational stories and poetry-both fiction and non-fiction.

How many books have you had published? (feel free to name a few of the most recent)

Two of my books have been published. Both of them are ebooks available across Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon Stores.

Collection of Short Stories titled 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life at Amazon and Poetry Collection with travel photographs of scenic natural locations across Europe titled Memoirs: The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life. This Ebook is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Apple iTunes Store.

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