Fowl Summer Nights by Diane Lynn McGyver

See what happens when empty nest syndrome and retirement are taken to their “Nth degree.” The exchanges between the main character and her neighbors make this work into a light-hearted romp. Diane spins a great humorous tale filled with comic believability laced and with a healthy dose of outlandish circumstances.


Despite the humorous, I think McGyver is also giving us a lesson about aging, family, and society in general without a heavy hand.

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Use Other Blogs to Improve Your Blog

Diane Lynn McGyverI’m in the middle of a revision, but I’m not talking about a novel…well, that’s happening, too, but that’s not the topic for this post. Since I had a review of my Writer~Dreamer~Publisher blog, I’ve been implementing many of the suggestions to make it more user-friendly, less cluttered and…more popular.

This is why readers—the ones before the major overhaul—have noticed the change; it was recommended by a reviewer. My hope is that new visitors will be able to find what they need faster, getting them in touch with the information they want without searching through more than a year’s worth of blog posts.

As I implement these changes, I’m also on the look-out for other things to improve my blog. I do this by taking note of how other people—writers in particular—set up their blog and websites (which sometimes don’t look like blogs but are the cover for them). If I like it, and it fits my theme and it makes a reader’s visit more enjoyable, I add it.

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Ebook Giveaway with Shadows in the Stone Launch

I’ve finally heard word from Smashwords: Approved!

That means Shadows in the Stone, the first book in The Castle Keepers series, has passed inspection and is now available for purchase through Smashwords’ website.

Smashwords offers several ebook formats of the fantasy novel, so you’re bound to find the format most comfortable for you. They include formats for Nook, Apple iPad/iBooks, Sony Reader, Kobo, home computers and a few others.

If your favourite reading device is Kindle, visit to purchase Shadows in the Stone.

Within two weeks, the book will appear in catalogues specific to these devices (Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc).

And now for the giveaways.

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