Versatile Blogger Award

On January 23rd, I received the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s been just over a year since I entered Blogland. Although I had enrolled with caution because I was unsure if I’d enjoy blogging, my fears were unwarranted. I love blogging and hope to continue doing it for many years to come.

Recipients of the Versatile Blogger award must follow three rules.


1) Thank the person who did the nominating and link to their website.

Thank you, Lynn Davidson at Polilla Writes.

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Harry Couldn’t Light a One-Match Fire

I started a lot of fires while growing up. With a woodstove in the kitchen for cooking and for heat, lighting a fire came natural to me. I lit fires in the backyard, at campsites and in the woods when we weren’t supposed to. I had my fingers burned a few times, witnessed someone almost start a major forest fire and saw the results of holding a lighter over a discarded vehicle gasoline tank to see if it held gas (but I won’t mention any names, big brother). I learned my lessons by doing and by watching others.

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