My Other Venues…er interests

5x5duckinbucketlunes marzo 11, 2013

This blog—Diane Tibert, dreamer—doesn’t get updated as much as it used to. That doesn’t mean I’m not working behind the scenes, writing posts, reading, writing fiction and nonfiction or doing other things. It simply means this blog doesn’t get the attention it usually received, back when I was writing the marathon.

There was a time when I’d post two or three times a week to this blog, twice to my Roots to the Past blog and once each to Diane Lynn McGyver and Moon Meadow (the blog about my homestead).

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My Bags are Packed for Ath-o’Lea

Today begins my journey into Ath-o’Lea. That’s the name of the fantasy world where my characters of Shadows in the Stone dwell. This journey contains about 130,000 words and 42 chapters. It spans twelve years and about 300 miles. I’ll travel by foot, waggon, magic portal and horseback. Along the way I’ll see a child born, loyal men killed, a kidnapping and a chase.

I’ll witness heated arguments, passionate moments, sword fights, emotional turmoil and both innocent and evil magic. My path will cross that of honourable men, dutiful women, innocent children, humans, thieves, murderers, dwarfs, lords, hauflins, troglodytes, lost souls and stubborn ponies.

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Maud of the Red Mud

Occasionally, a blog I write for my Roots to the Past blog is related to writing. Today’s post is one of them. It gives a brief factual history on the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, prolific writer and creator of Anne of Green Gables.

To read more about Maud of Prince Edward’s Island and to see pictures of her grave site and of Green Gables, read Maud of the Red Mud. If you’ve ever been to the island and dipped your feet in the mud, you know how staining memorable it is.

Exposure Time

I knew it would arrive sooner or later, but like digging out dreaded Christmas decorations, I had put it off for as long as I could. Then one morning I downloaded my messages and found the request sitting there, like a cat with enlarged pupils, ready to pounce.

An editor asked for an updated headshot to accompany my genealogy column, Roots to the Past. I had to face the music . . . er, the camera. After all, I couldn’t write forever with a picture taken in 2005, could I?

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