Writing Romantic Scenes

Writing TipI grew up with older, conservative parents. They were born in the 1920s and lived through the Depression. My father served overseas in the Second World War. They never spoke about sex. In fact, my mother—born in rural Newfoundland—arrived in Canada in 1945 believing babies came from under rocks. She was seventeen. That’s what her parents had told her; it was what all the children in the community were taught.

In my very conservative raising, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of smut—as they would put it. When I was about fourteen, however, I found magazines my mother was reading. They were called True Stories. Anyone who remembers these magazines filled with short stories knows what I mean when I say, there was a little smut amongst those pages. And I read many of them, hiding out in my bedroom or in the work shed.

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In Honour of My Father, Second World War Veteran

Stephen Ellsworth TibertIn June of this year I posted an essay I had written entitled “In the Trenches of the Womb” to my McGyver blog. It was about my  father, a Second World War veteran who served overseas in Italy, Holland and other places in Europe with the West Nova Scotia Regiment.

On this Remembrance Day I’d like to share this essay again.

In the Trenches of the Womb

Be true to yourself . . . er . . . your character’s self.

When I was around ten years old, I had an accident. It wasn’t a big one; it didn’t involve a vehicle or a trip to the Emergency or stitches. It involved a bicycle, lots of blood and an old rag stained with paint.

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