Just For Fun

I just came in from feeding the animals. While I was out, I photographed the wool from yesterday’s shearing. I’m always on the look-out for images that will make great book covers, so while I snapped away, I thought, mmm…wool…perhaps.

Below is the cover I whipped up just to see what a close up shot of wool might look like. This is not an actual book, just a fun let’s see what it looks like thing.

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Two Busy Days NOT Writing

Nice weather forced chores into my schedule, reducing my time to write over the weekend. Needless to say, I’m not quite finished with editing my fantasy novel, Shadows in the Stone, before I send it to the editor this week. I hope to get the last few chapters completed today.

I might say I’m an anxious person, someone with little patients or a race to the finish line kinda writer because regardless of the project I’m working on, once I get to the last few chapters, I tend to open them all up. With four chapters left to go, all are completed in some way, so it’ll take very little time to knock them off the to-do list. Then it’s off to the editor with them. I’ll talk a little about finding an editor and working with one in an upcoming post.

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Pen to Pencils

It may be hibernation season for some. Others might curl up with a remote and surf the television channels. In my house, we dust off the sketch books, sharpen our pencils and start creating.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Many times I’ve sketched characters or created maps for my stories. For me, writing and sketching go hand and hand. I’ve passed my love for drawing onto my children.

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This. Can’t. Be. Happening.

Has anyone witnessed the extravagant use of periods lately? It’s as though they are a penny a piece.

I first noticed the dropping of periods like sheep poo in my daughter’s writing. I told her periods – dots – weren’t meant to be used that way. They belong at the end of sentences and on top of lower case I and J. You can also use them to pause . . . to think . . . and then you can use three at once!

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