Destiny Governed their Lives at Goodreads

Destin Governed their LivesGoodreads is for readers. It’s a place to check out favourite books and favourite authors. Readers form groups and discuss their likes and dislikes, they share information and write reviews. They can also become fans of their favourite authors and set up virtual bookshelves where they store their books they’ve read, books they’re reading and books they wish to read.

Goodreads is for writers. It’s a place they can create a virtual library of their books so fans can easily find them. They can add information about characters, plots and settings, and they can post favourite quotes from their stories. Writers can promote new books by hosting giveaways of paperbacks.

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Creating an Anthology

Diane Lynn TibertI’m a member of the East Hants Writer’s Group. We meet the third Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December, which means we just had our first meeting of the season this week.

Although we always have engaging conversations about writing and publishing, and we critique stories written by members, I thought we could do more, something that would last longer than a meeting, longer than a season.

I suggested we contribute work to create an anthology. And the others agreed.

Anthology: a collection of poems or prose selections from various authors (Gage Canadian Dictionary 1983).

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