Wednesday’s Word: Tony Riches Presents “Drake – Tudor Corsair”

Tony RichesIntroducing historical fiction author Tony Riches, from Pembrokeshire in Wales UK. Tony has two best-selling Tudor trilogies to his credit, and the first book of his new Elizabethan series was released this summer. In this interview, he shares a little bit about it.

1.) What is the title of your recent book? Is it a series, what genre is it and is it suitable for all ages?

My latest book, Drake – Tudor Corsair, is a biographical fiction novel about the life of Sir Francis Drake. After extensive research, I’ve taken a fresh look at Drake’s adventures – and found that most of what I thought I knew about him was wrong. This is the first book in my new Elizabethan series – which will complete the stories of the Tudors.

2.) In a few sentences, tell us a little about the book. Give us a glimpse of the plot without giving away any spoilers.

Devon sailor Francis Drake sets out on a journey of adventure, and learns of routes used to transport Spanish silver and gold. Queen Elizabeth is intrigued by Drake and secretly encourages his piracy. Her unlikely champion becomes a national hero, sailing around the world in the Golden Hinde and attacking the Spanish fleet. Then King Philip of Spain has enough of Drake’s plunder – and orders an Armada to threaten the future of England.

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