Wednesday’s Word: Laura Churchill Duke presents “Two Crows Sorrow”

Laura Churchill DukeIntroducing author Laura Churchill Duke. She is a freelance journalist, and recently her first book, Two Crows Sorrow, was published by Moose House Publications. In this interview, she shares a little about the book.

1) What is the title of your recent book? Is it a series, what genre is it and is it suitable for all ages?

Two Crows Sorrow published by Moose House Publications.

This is a creative non-fiction adult novel. This means that everything that happens in the novel is true, but it is woven together creatively so it reads like a novel, rather than an actual historical account.

2) In a few sentences, tell us a little about the book. Give us a glimpse of the plot without giving away any spoilers.

Two Crows Sorrow is about the life of Theresa McAuley Robinson, a woman who lived on Nova Scotia’s North Mountain at the turn of the century. This is the true story of Theresa’s love and devotion to her children and her farmland, which ultimately led to her demise. In May 1904, Theresa was found murdered and her farm burnt to the ground. Her second husband William Robinson was accused of the murder. Two Crows Sorrow follows Theresa’s life to her death, then William’s court trial to its dramatic conclusion.

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