Finally, a light at the end of the darkest tunnel

Countries like Norway are leading the way. They have lifted all restrictions and have told their citizens we must live with COVID. They’ve told people not to live in fear, that this virus is not as serious as first expected. It affects the old and those with comorbidities (such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes).

They actually said people should focus on being healthy. Wow. I wish our Canadian government would put health over bullying and threatening.

Finally, a positive sign in this horribly politicized pandemic. It’s time to get back to living and not segregating people because of their medical conditions.

Watch the full video here: Kim Iversen: Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid

The Relatively New Hostage Virus

New FlashComputer viruses are our arch nemesis. In the first attack on my system in 1999, I lost everything. The computer was new with few personal files, so it wasn’t a tragic loss. The biggest headache was taking the system to a shop and having them delete the harddrive and reinstall the software.

Since then I’ve stood as the front line defence against many attempts to infect my system. The famous worm that shut down our server did not get to me because I acted quickly. Every email is scrutinized. Those suspected of carrying a virus are deleted without opening.

The attempts to damage my system were minor inconveniences. Not everyone has escaped these viruses with as little damage. But knowledge is power, and everyone who is aware of these sorts of infections can take immediate action to reduce the damage.

So when my files were taken hostage with a click of a false update, it came as a complete surprise.

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