Creating Images with Wacom

Castle clouds cropped02 5x5aOver the past few days I’ve been working on a castle. Indoors of course. Along the way I’ve been learning about the features in my new Wacom Inutuos Small Creative Pen and Touch Tablet.

After working with this tool for almost a week, I’m believe it will be well-worth the money I paid for it. It gives me every reason to believe that I will be able to illustrate my children’s picture books with it…after much practice. But I’m okay with that because I love to visually create.

Here is the castle I’ve toyed with during my free time.

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New Toy…err work equipment

Lady Bug 5x5In my goal to illustrate my  own books, I’ve purchased a Wacom Inutuos Small Creative Pen and Touch Tablet. Tonight we were playing around, learning the basics of creating an image and seeing what we could do with no experience using a pen with a computer.

First, let me say that holding a computer pen takes a little getting used to. I’ve sketched for several years and am fairly familiar with a pencil and ink pen, but…the computer pen doesn’t exactly work the same way. However with practice I know I’ll be able to work it to make recognisable pictures. My kids will too since they really like the idea of drawing on the computer.

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