A Picture of My Wild Ass

Diane Lynn McGyverI’ve been missing in action a wee bit the past two weeks, but I do have a few good excuses.

1) It was the last two weeks of summer vacation for my kids before school began, and I wanted to spend more time outside with them.

2) I’ve been busy editing a few things which won out over social networking.

3) We’re starting to get ready for winter in little ways. It’s better to do little ways when you live on a farm than run around like the headless chicken bumping into things because you have so many things to do in a big way.

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Can I blame it on my wild ass?

About a month ago, I decided the family needed a change. I wanted to shake things up a bit and in the process, stir up some inspiration dust. I also decided my kids needed pets to hang around, but it wasn’t going to be your standard guinea-pig-in-a-cage pet. It was at that time, I began to understand why some folks look at me and wonder about how many crayons are in my Crayola box.

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