A Perfect Book for the Season

The mailman just delivered Laura Best’s newest book: A Sure Cure for Witchcraft. I bought the softcover from Chapters Indigo because I dislike reading eBooks and Amazon only sold the eBook.

Here’s the description.

Witches are hated in Württemberg, in what is now Germany, in the eighteenth century. It’s not so long since they were burned, and any woman who knows too much, who’s too clever or quick or skilled at healing, is suspect.

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Witches are Great People

Witches5x5Long before modern science took over medicine there were brave, knowledgeable women who healed with herbs, oils, honey and many other natural substances. In many villages they were honoured for their wisdom and respected for their ability to heal.

Then came the bad guys. Men who felt threaten by these ‘magical’ women. They began to discredit them. They slowly turned the good names of healers and green witches and everything associated with them into a wicked force.

The bad men continued their crusade to flush out the wise women in the villages and hold them up as examples of evil. The witch hunts killed many wise, knowledgeable innocent women.

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From long ago shined a light.

The day had been pleasant. John and I had celebrated the rising of the sun with dear friends. As we made our way home from the festival, my white ceremonial gown shimmered in the fading sunlight. We walked along the wooded path in silence, occasionally stealing glances and giggling in a giddy-kinda way. The raspberry wine left us both with a care-free spirit.

John reached over and stole a kiss and I snuggled into his side. The dry leaves uncovered from the snow by the heat of the sun rustled beneath my leather shoes. The air was crisp and cooling and by nightfall, the warmth near the hearth would be beckoning.

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