Use Other Blogs to Improve Your Blog

Diane Lynn McGyverI’m in the middle of a revision, but I’m not talking about a novel…well, that’s happening, too, but that’s not the topic for this post. Since I had a review of my Writer~Dreamer~Publisher blog, I’ve been implementing many of the suggestions to make it more user-friendly, less cluttered and…more popular.

This is why readers—the ones before the major overhaul—have noticed the change; it was recommended by a reviewer. My hope is that new visitors will be able to find what they need faster, getting them in touch with the information they want without searching through more than a year’s worth of blog posts.

As I implement these changes, I’m also on the look-out for other things to improve my blog. I do this by taking note of how other people—writers in particular—set up their blog and websites (which sometimes don’t look like blogs but are the cover for them). If I like it, and it fits my theme and it makes a reader’s visit more enjoyable, I add it.

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