Wednesday’s Word

This series has been discontinued for now. Diana ~ December 2020

Before You Go Further: I know you’re busy promoting your current book, writing the next one, and juggling a non-writing job, family and other commitments in life, but before you spend an hour creating a post for Wednesday’s Word, please read this:

Step 1: Read the full post to see if your book is suitable for the theme of this website. If current politics or identity politics is involved, move on. This website isn’t for you. While I’ll feel bad about turning away your book, I’ll do it just the same.

Step 2: If the book appears to fit the theme of this website, contact me ( and ask if the date you want is available. While the schedule is fairly up-to-date, there are times when I’m waiting for a reply to confirm a date. While the date may be reserved, I don’t record the author’s name in the schedule until I’m positive the spot is filled. When you contact me, send the book title and the description. If I concur the book fits the theme of this website, I’ll approve the submission and then we can talk about how you’d like to present the book.

Failure to do the above may result in disappointment and wasted time.

To learn more about Wednesday’s Word on September 16, 2020’s Introducing Blog Tours on Wednesday’s Word post. Then come back here to read the schedule and the options.

Options of how to create a post are at the bottom of this page.

Available Dates


September 5: Laura Best presents Good Mothers Don’t

September 23: Tony Riches presents Drake – Tudor Corsair

September 30: Barbara Carter presents Ain’t Easy


October 7: C. A. MacKenzie presents Wolves Don’t Knock

October 14: Darlene Foster presents Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action

October 21: David A. Wimsett presents Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga

October 28: Rita Lee Chapman presents The Poinciana Tree


November 4: Alice Walsh presents Murder on Darby’s Island

November 11: Laura Churchill Duke presents Two Crows Sorrow

November: 18: Sophia Minetos presents Graves for Drifters and Thieves

November 25: L. P. Suzanne Atkinson presents Didn’t Stand a Chance


December 2: Diane McGyver presents the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes

This ends the weekly Wednesday’s Word session for 2020. I have decided to discontinue this series for now since I have several projects on the go.

Options to Create a Post

The 5-question Interview

1) What is the title of your most recent book? Is it a series, what genre is it and is it suitable for all ages?

2) In a few short sentences, tell us about the book. Give us a glimpse of the plot without giving away any spoilers.

3) Who is the main character in this book? What is his or her name, where does he/she live and what do you like about him/her?

4) What inspired you to write this book? (Optional – if you don’t want to share what inspired you or there was nothing specific that inspired you, remove this question)

5) Where can readers buy this book?

Introduce Your Book

Post a description of the book, a snippet of a review and the links to buy it. Include your website address. The description can be what is on the back of the book or that description and a few more lines added to it.

Indirectly Related To the Book

Give a short discussion on a topic related to the book. The key is short. A short paragraph on the topic. Another on how it relates to your book, then the links to where readers can buy the book, along with a link to your website.

Quote and Comment

This is as simple as grabbing a short quote from your book and commenting on it. Here’s an example of one I’ve done: Quote From “Northern Survival” – Sleeping in a Tomb. Make sure to include links to where readers can buy your book and a link to your website.

What Inspired You to Write the Book

A short review of what inspired you to write the book. Here’s an example of one I’ve done: The Plane Crash that Inspired “Northern Survival”. Include links to where readers can buy the book and a link to your website.

In Summary

As I explained to another author: The goal is to use my blog space to introduce new readers to the author and their book, and then provide them with the links to buy the book and to learn more about the author. It’s like an ad to lead the reader to the product and producer. You don’t want to give everything away on my blog; you want them to follow you to your blog.

Word Count: Please, keep it no longer than 300 to 500 words.